Cashgame House

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Update: ED030923

Hitproducer Scott Notch started this new innovative danceproject with mid- & uptempo housetracks and remixes.
* The first and second track produced by SN were ´Right/Tonight’ en ‘Nothing Really Matters’, incl. Youtube-videoclips.
* The third track is called ‘Island of Dreams’ and this was released by label Cashgame Music on 19.04.2023, incl. Youtube videoclip.
* The fourth track ‘You Gotta Make Me Fly’ was released on 26.04.2023 on Spotify.
* The fifth track ‘People Of The World’ is about to be released on 04.09.2023 on all streamingplatforms.

For live perfomances you can book CASHGAME HOUSE.
Mail: or call (+31)682249808